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A free thank-you gift beehive from Trillion Bees Earth becomes a “MiracleHive” only when it’s assigned to a Trillion Bees Earth – Beehab Reserve. All MiracleHives come with the following care, preservation management, benefits, and honey revenue:

  • GeoCure Membership: Each owner of a MiracleHive receives a free lifetime membership in the GeoCure Global Hive & Regenerative Agriculture Cooperative (GEOCURE).

  • 100% Insured: All MiracleHives in Trillion Bees Earth BeeHab Reserves are 100% insured against catastrophic loss. In the event of a total loss that affects the number and/or volume of MiracleHives, they are replaced at no additional cost.

  • Honey Share: MiracleHive owners receive 100% of the honey produced by their MiracleHives annually, based on a total average of the honey production of all MiracleHives at BeeHab Reserves.

  • Honey Payment: The GeoCure Co-op/Earths Purest will buy the MiracleHive owners' 100% share of the honey at approximately $1.75+/- cents per lb., a price generally based on 60% of the current USDA average spot market price. As documented below in Bee Culture May 2024, Honey Report 1 and the Monthly USDA Honey Report for April 29th, 2024.

  • Growth and Return: Based on current USDA-documented production and growth data, MiracleHives managed at BeeHab Reserves are projected to generate a 5.0% to 16.6% average annual return over the initial 5 years, as well as approximately 8.0% to 22.1%+ annually thereafter.

  • MiracleHive Volume: MiracleHives at Trillion Bees Earth BeeHab Reserves will be grown for a period capped at 5 years. Thereafter, they will not decrease in volume. If a MiracleHive decreases in volume or dies, it will be replaced by TBE from its overall “BeeHab Reserves”.

  • MiracleHive Buy-Back: After 36 months of growth, if the donor/MiracleHive owner should choose to sell any or all of their MiracleHives, they will be purchased at “Fair market Value” (-) minus 10%.

  • Living Endowment: You can assign the honey revenue from your MiracleHives to a charity or nonprofit of your choice or Trillion Bees Earth, creating a "Living Endowment" that continues to support your chosen causes for years to come.

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